Elle Decor, Robb Report, T and Traditional Home Serve as Market Keynote Partners

Join Pacific Design Center for WESTWEEK 2018 as Spring Market travels the hemispheres in search of worldwide inspirations, innovations and destinations that influence our creativity and affirm design knows no borders.

While at Market, discover new introductions spotlighting the impact of international trends on the interiors industry as the latest offerings from among 2,200 product lines are presented by 100 boutique to international showroom manufacturers. A comprehensive series of programs and events featuring the nation’s leading shelter publications, editors and tastemakers provide information and education to nearly 4,000 WESTWEEK trade professionals attending from across the west and around the globe.


Internationally recognized photographer Giuliano Bekor holds a portfolio that includes work from the realms of fine art, fashion, celebrity, beauty and advertising. Bekor’s work has been featured in the most renown publications around the globe, making him one of the most sought after contemporary photographers.


His client list includes an impressive array of celebrities, beauty industry leaders, advertising agencies, producers, and artists. A thirty year industry veteran, Bekor’s craft has reached an exceptional level of expertise. Composed of light, vibrant color, space and form, Bekor manifests ideas conceptualized in his own imagination into reality through a striking technique that is as dramatic as it is beautiful.


Bekor spends his time between New York and Los Angeles when he is not traveling the globe for work and inspiration. A restless visionary, he continually challenges himself, curating a style that is unequivocally and uniquely his own. Giuliano Bekor is not only a master photographer but a true innovator.


Electric and sensual, Echoes captures the interplay of oil water and organic materials as they bleed together in a languid environment. Shot all in camera This series renders a shape-shifting and often kaleidoscopic vision of sexuality rapture creation and the transcendental experience of bliss No two frames are alike. As the eyes linger,abstract forms appear as characters creatures, animal, human  faces . colors dissolve like an audio vibration that shifts and collides with its surroundings 

Emulsion ART EXHIBIT | Laurent & Martin Gallery | SUITE B222 

Oil and water are thought to have an impossible chemistry 

This series explores the Kaleidoscopic affect of color as transforms into shapes, obscuring the faces of subjects and rendering them painterly 

Each work represents a moment in time no two frames are alike never to be replicated As the eyes linger,abstract forms appear colors dissolve like an audio vibration 

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