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Michael Cacoyannis Foundation

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Michael Cacoyannis set up the non-profit making foundation Michael Cacoyannis Foundation in 2003. His ambition was the creation of a modern cultural institution with its own distinctive identity, which would engage in the study, support and promotion of the Performing Arts, particularly Theatre and Cinema. It would embrace modern technology and develop new ideas, breaking new ground without ever compromising the principles of artistic integrity to which Michael Cacoyannis himself has been faithful throughout his career.


In the spirit of the same vision, MCF has both set and accomplished its first goal: the construction of it's Cultural Centre, a 6,810-square-foot facility on Piraeus Str, home to the foundations activities.   



MCF’s greatest comparative advantage is its founder. Michael Cacoyannis was an internationally acclaimed artist. The fact that there is an increasing international interest in his works is proof of his ongoing influence on cultural matters and cultural  and educational institutions continue to utilize and promote his work,  worldwide.


over 70 months of activity (October 2009  - August 2016)

5 continents

28 countries

56 cities

 31 educational institutions

28 film festivals

11 performances (in collaboration with foundations and institutions)

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