The LifeArt Forum is an international Forum organized by the LifeArt Festival bringing together humanitarian panels, films, music, art and events. The LifeArt Forum provides an independent platform for debate and collaboration on humanitarian issues and art forms. Its activities include advocacy and projects that deal with humanitarian concerns.

LifeArt Festival ZOE AWARD

Humanitarian Award Ceremony 



The LifeArt Youth Forum seeks to inspire awareness and activism, and offers a unique opportunity for youth to voice their opinions, share ideas, and think together about what they can do to make a difference in their world.

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Welcome Session

Author and activist Nicole Bromley sensitively shines a light on sexual abuse, while educating and empowering student audiences to find their voice, and be a solution to an ever growing problem. Sharing her internationally recognized keynote, "Our Little Secret," Nicole uses her own life story to break the silence, and bring hope and healing to others.

Trafficking & Social Media 

Aaron Cohen, Abolitionist and author of The Slave Hunter, speaks to students about online media safety. Through storytelling of real life Sex trafficking rescues, Aaron teaches students how to spot the popular online techniques of predators and traffickers, and how to avoid being cat-fished, scammed or even trafficked while using online media.

How to Make a Difference


STEFANIE ROOS  (Creative Director, Choreographer)

Stefanie worked with Madonna, Ricky Martin, Rihanna, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson and Prince among others, she has also been in charge of choreography or creative direction for major events, TV shows and Award Shows, including the London Olympics 2012, MTV Awards, American Music Awards. 

JUSTIN BURKE (singer/songwriter, speaker)

Justin is a university student and social media personality. Through his original music and content, Justin has grown a community of over 1.5 million followers, and over 100 million views across his social media platforms. Justin’s message empowers young people to embrace their uniqueness and live their life with purpose and passion, to become the positive change the world needs!