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The LifeArt Forum is an international Forum organized by the LifeArt Festival bringing together humanitarian panels, films, music, art and events. The LifeArt Forum provides an independent platform for debate and collaboration on humanitarian issues and art forms. Its activities include advocacy and projects that deal with humanitarian concerns.

The LifeArt Youth Forum seeks to inspire awareness and activism, and offers a unique opportunity for youth to voice their opinions, share ideas, and think together about what they can do to make a difference in their world.

LifeArt Festival, Youth Forum, S.P. College, Chandpur, India
LifeArt Festival, Youth Forum
LifeArt Festival, Youth Forum, Cultural Tourisim, Delhi, India - Tripp69 - 5 copy.png
LifeArt Festival, Forum, Delhi Technological University, Yuvaan, India’s biggest youth festIval
LifeArt Festival, Forum
LifeArt Festival, New York
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