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LifeArt Festival Logo

LifeArt Festival: Experience the magic of 
Film, Art, Music & Global Events ​

A Multi-Sensory Experience

Since 2016, LifeArt Festival has been a vibrant platform celebrating the convergence of art, film, and music. We showcase a diverse range of creative expressions, from captivating art exhibitions featuring thought-provoking works to live music performances that leave you wanting more. Immerse yourself in the magic of film with our premieres and screenings featuring the latest cinematic masterpieces from around the world

LifeArt Festival, FWICE, PVR Cinemas, Bollywood
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Global Reach

LifeArt Festival takes place across prestigious venues in major cities worldwide, offering artists and audiences a truly international experience. Explore the festival in bustling hubs like Los Angeles, New York City, Miami, San Antonio (USA), New Delhi, Mumbai, Rishikesh, Lucknow (India), Athens (Greece), and more.

Film Screenings & Premieres

LifeArt Festival celebrates the best of the film industry by bringing together a collection of studio and independent films. We embrace the passion, vision, and spirit of talented artists, showcasing feature films, shorts, and documentaries from over 60 countries, representing more than 40 languages and offering a truly global perspective on storytelling.


LifeArt Premieres: Our festival stage has premiered remarkable works by renowned artists, including Leonardo DiCaprio's "Before the Flood," National Geographic's "The Story of Us" narrated by Morgan Freeman, "The Circle" starring Tom Hanks & Emma Watson, "Loving Pablo" featuring Javier Bardem & Penelope Cruz, and National Geographic's "Genius: Picasso" series with Antonio Banderas, among others.

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LifeArt Festival, Awards


LifeArt Festival presents the prestigious Zoe Award across nine categories, acknowledging excellence in Film, Television, Web TV, VR, and Photography. Our esteemed jury, comprising scholars, artists, and industry experts, meticulously evaluates submissions from around the globe.

Art Exhibitions

Our exhibitions create a platform for visual artists to connect with international counterparts in NFT, new media, music, and technology, showcasing innovative projects and promoting talented artists to global audiences, cultural institutions, industry professionals, and companies worldwide.

Photo by  Giuliano Bekor

LifeArt Festival - LECLAIREUR - Living Beauty - Giuliano Bekor
LifeArt Festival, Forum, San Antoinio

Summit & Forum

Spark Engaging Conversations, Participate in stimulating panel discussions and forums led by industry experts. Gain insights and delve deeper into the world of art, film, music, and humanitarian issues through engaging conversations. The

LifeArt Youth Forum empowers the Next Generation, inspiring awareness and activism in shaping the future of creativity and cultural dialogue.

Sound & Publishing

The LifeArt Music Label curates motivational and inspirational music from global artists,  Music Albums, Songs, Soundtracks, Books, Scripts & Intelligent property. Experience original scores, like the gripping soundtrack from the Netflix Original series "FAUDA," designed to empower and stimulate art lovers worldwide.

LifeArt, VIVIR - Omar Faruk Tekbilek & Yasmin Levi
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LifeArt Studios is a premier production company creating original entertainment and mentorship programs that activate cultural conversations through compelling storytelling. Collaborating with filmmakers and industry partners, we bring new visions to life and foster artistic innovation.


INSPIRED by an icon

The Festival is inspired by the  director Michael Cacoyannis; a five-time Academy Award nominee and visionary whose mastery in his art launched Greek Cinema into the international film industry.


Supported by


Nu Boyana Film Studios (Sofia, Bulgaria)

Zolotas House of Jewelry (Paris, France)

Organisations / Institutions

Michael Cacoyiannis Foundation (Greece)

International Web TV Academy of Television (USA)

China Film Archive (China)

LIKE  - European Regions and Cities for Culture (France)

New York Film Academy (USA)

Peking University (China)

Michigan University (USA)

The Ohio State University (USA)

Leeds University (UK)

Nottingham University (UK)

Massey University (New Zealand)

Valladolid  University (Spain)

IES Santísima Trinidad Baeza (Spain)

Scriptwriters Guild (Greece)

Athens Information Technology (Greece)

Mediterranean Film Institute (Greece)

ASHOKA Greece (Greece)

IES Santísima Trinidad Baeza (Spain)

BAM – La Bottega di Antonio Manta (Italy)



Tommy Calvert – San Antonio Commissioner

Ministry of Tourism (Greece)

Municipality of Athens (Greece)

EKOME - National Center of AudioVisual Media (Greece)




L.A. Confidential Magazine 

Angeleno Megazine

Cosmote TV

Pepper 96.6 fm

Travelling News

National Geographic Channel

Spentzos Film



Oliver Stone (Director & Scriptwriter )

Chris Cornell (musician)

Mikis Theodorakis' (Musician)

Evan Spiliotopoulos  (Screenwriter Beauty & the Beast)

Ariel Vromen (Director)

Omar Faruk Tekbilek (Musician)

Patrick Tatopoulos (Production Designer, Director)




Gate Productions (USA)

General Shipping Services (Greece)

Atlas Maritime Ltd. (UK)

Circus Dayz – The Circus School of Athens (Greece)

Everbliss Music (Israel)

Songs to your Eyes (USA)

Clap the Restaurant (Greece)

Athens Plaza Hotel (Athens)

Titania Hotel (Athens)



Pune International Film Festival (India)

Art Carnuntum International Festival and Symposion (Austria)

Anima Syros international animation Festival (Greece)

Drama International Short Fil Festival (Greece)

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