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LifeArt Festival, Film Selection 2017
LifeArt Festival, Film Selection 2017
















BOO BOOM  (Italy, 26:00) Maurizio Forestieri


A moving story which takes place during the Second World War where a young boy in Italy loses his parents and desperately tries to find them with the help of a small group of animals that he meets on the road. An excellent example of Animated TV series, of which the first three episodes will be screened.


CRISIS – Public Security Squad  (Japan, 56:05)  Kazuki Kaneshiro


A drama series with real action scenes, black humour and two of Japan’s most famous actors in the leading roles. Shun Oguri and Hidetoshi Nishijima belong to a secret task force which specializes in solving “unconventional cases” which threaten to bring down the country. As each case unfolds, good and evil start to intertwine. Three episodes will be screened.


MIPTV Asian World Premiere Screening, Cannes.




THE EMBASSY  (Spain, 70:00) Eduardo Chapero-Jackson


Luis Salinas, the new ambassador to Thailand comes up against the chaos and corruption left by his predecessor and becomes involved in dangerous affairs which will also affect his wife and daughter. Glamour, illicit liaisons, incredible plots and exotic scenery make up this new TV series from the makers of the Spanish TV hits Grand Hotel and Velvet. Three episodes will be screened.



SHOOT ME NICELY (USA 19:00)   Elias Plagianos


John Behlmann plays a New York Fashion Photographer whose professional and personal life is going from bad to worse is desperately trying to find that scoop which will take him to the top (not!). When he takes a paparazzi shot of a politician, however, the latter swears to take revenge. A sarcastic look into the world of fashion, with Linda Hamilton in one of the most manipulative roles of her career.  The pilot will be screened.



PAPER TALES (BUMAZHKI) (Russia, 5:30)  Alexey Mironov


The creative journey of the paper cut-out duo, the moose Aristotle and the woodpecker Knock-Knock, in origami wonderworld.  Each episode presents both a storyline and a DIY crafting project, in which kids learn how to make their own paper cut-out toy that’s relevant to the episode’s life lesson and made out of simple materials. Three episodes will be screened.


“Cyber Sousa” Award, Xiamen International Animation Festival, China.





NORMAL (Venezuela, 17:00) Vadim Lasca


Fabricio, a young Chavista, is confined to his home during the rioting which occurred in Venezuela in 2014.  Alejandra, his former girlfriend, and supporter of the opposition, is participating in the street rioting and, when pursued by the National Guard, seeks refuge at Fabricio’s house.  Due to the volatile situation in the streets, Alejandra is forced to stay with Fabricio until it is safe to leave.  During this time together they must deal with their political differences, which in the  past led to their separation.


ONLY FIVE MINUTES (Iran, 5:00) Mohammad Mohammadian

A short experimental film in which no camera has been used during the production which consist of sound, credits and English subtitles. The film, which is without images, demonstrates 5 minutes through the eyes of a blind person facing the obstacles of their everyday existence in an effort to bring sensitivity towards those who do not posses one of the most precious gifts of all.


TRY A LITTLE TENDERNESS (Israel-Argentina-Turkey, 3:43) Roy Wol


Performing:  Alice Tan Ridley


In a world where a backward globalization seems to be slowly taking place, creating uneasiness all around us, “Try a Little Tenderness” hopes to promote compassion and tenderness in our world in an intimate song, beautifully interpreted by Alice Tan Ridley (Gabourey Sidibe’s mother) addressed directly to the people of all walks of lives, no matter their political cause.


MIXED FEELINGS (Israel, 77:30) Guy Davidi


In Academy Award nominee documentary filmmaker, Guy Davidi’s latest film, “Mixed Feelings”, Amir Orian abandons fame to form a theater and acting school in his home. When Israel attacks Gaza he can’t withhold his objections to the war, while his students show resistance to the discussion. Performing on stage, their deep emotions are revealed, yet their defiance threatens the existence of the theatre.


BIRTHDAY (Greece,12:48) Dimitris Katsimiris


Starring Arieta Moutousi, “Birthday” is a deeply moving film which highlights the unseen suffering in families where a member is disabled. The film is dedicated to the real Marios and to all those who do not sleep whilst others suffer.


Official Competition, Drama Film Festival 2016.




WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS (USA, 8:20) Candace Kowalski


A touching love story about the true meaning of love, the heartbreaking loss of a soul-mate and an incredible letter which links the two in an amazingly emotional, honest and altruistic demonstration of pure human emotion.


NINE DAYS (Serbia, 25:10) Strahinja Savic


A high-school teen has to take care of his grandmother while his mother is away on a trip.  The two of them cannot stand each other but have to spend quality time together over a period of 9 days.


AU REVOIR BALTHAZAR (Switzerland, 9:30) Rafael Sommerhalder


An animated short film about a scarecrow, a storm, and a broken leg. The resonant sound of a sea shell. Leaving forever.


TRUST NO ONE  (USA, 15:40)  Simon Kassianides 

Simon Kassianides (Quantum of Solace) plays Ben, the lead role in the fast-moving thriller “Trust No One”.  Pursued from all directions and with time and choices running out, Ben discovers…there really is nobody left to trust. 

THE OWLS (Greece, 10:12) Natalia Bougadellis


A film which reflects the often unseen struggles and suffering caused by the socio-economic crisis. Here a family depends upon the young son to support them financially through methods which they close their eyes to but which at the same time are tearing them all apart.


STREETWRITE (USA 23.00) Blanch Baker


A movie musical about freedom of speech that asks the question, “How can speech be free, if only those who pay can speak?”



SOUTHERN EDGE OF THE CLOUD (Hong Kong 40.00) Alon Chan 


Two young siblings from the very rural village of Liijiang start an endless journey to follow the heart of their beloved grandmother, after her passing, to look for the ‘Southern Edge of the Cloud”. During their journey they meet Loic, technology indulged and from the city and a secret link is formed between these people from such different worlds.

LUNCH TIME  (Iran,15.00) Alireza Ghasemi


The struggles of a teenage girl to identify her deceased mother while officials try stop her.  Her visit has other intentions… the breakdown of an entire family


Official Selection Short Film Competition 70th Festival de Cannes


THE HOBBYIST (USA, 08:37) George Robert Vatistas


A short neo-noire thriller centered around a mysterious druggist visited by Sangstrom, a seemingly ordinary man in search of an undetectable poison.  Yet, Sangstrom winds up getting more than he bargained for from the sagacious alchemist.

SHARK TOOTH (Israel, 28.00) Oren Gerner


Ora arrives at a beautiful spiritual awareness workshop in the desert and needs to adapt to the unique dynamics of the place in order to gain some time with her daughter.  As the workshop progresses, dark elements from their past arise and Ora is forced to deal with their implications for the first time.





ONCE THERE WAS A GIRL (Israel, 75:00) Natalie Kaplan


Noa has an unconventional relationship with her doctor, with her neighbor and with a young soldier.

Sleepless, she wanders around, trying to find her place in the world, willing to do anything to get some warm attention.



LAND OF LEOPOLD (USA, 82:00) Akis Konstantakopoulos


Leopold Rawlins is a troubled drifter suffering from a bad past and a worse present. Living in and out of prison and out on the streets, Leopold winds up being deemed unstable by the state and sent to a mental institution. Searching for redemption, Leopold uncovers unlikely friends and an adventure that tests his limits.

THERE IS A WORLD OUTSIDE (Italy, 105:00) Giovanni Galletta


As Gabriele wins over his depression and re-enters the world, unexpected events will bring him to a new life.


PAYBACK (Brazil, 80:00) Andre Moraes


A film director, Walter, meets his old team to make a ‘road movie’. With no money, they will have to come up with scams in order to make the production possible whilst at the same time plotting revenge.




WHO’S GONNA LOVE ME NOW? (Israel, 85:00) Barak Heymann, Tomer Heymann


Saar, a 39 year old ex-Israeli paratrooper, now living in London having been kicked out of his kibbutz 18 years ago due to his sexual orientation, creates a new family for himself, as a member of Gay Men Chorus.  When he discovers he is HIV positive he embarks upon a journey of reconciliation with his religious family in Israel.


Panorama Audience Award – 66th Berlin International Film Festival



NEVER ENDING MAN: HAYAO MIYAZAKI (Japan, 70:00) Kaku Arakawa


Four years ago the Academy Award-winning animated film director, Hayao Miyazaki shocked the world when he announced his retirement at age 72. After meeting a group of young animators who specialize in computer graphics, however, he decided to make a short film using CGI. Will the short film he releases change the future of Japanese animation?  The creative process proves so difficult that he almost calls it quits.  This documentary records the tremendous struggle that unfolds behind the scenes as Miyazaki, inspired by a new medium, wrestles with CGI for the first time.


BOOBS (Greece, 55:00) Agnes Sklavou | Stelios Tatakis


Boobs…sweet stories, bitter stories, with a beginning, without an end.  Love stories, life stories, childhood stories, old stories.  We experience them, we think about them but rarely do we hear them.

Women and men sharing personal stories about breasts.  The big story?  A woman who shares with us her experience about her breasts and cancer.  Boobs become a character and talk to us about what there is on their mind.


Panhellenic Premiere, 19th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival

LAST RIDE (Switzerland, 71:08) Andrea Pellerrani


Michele Pellarini is the last Swiss-Italian funfair owner. His son Andrea left this nomadic life when he was a child.  On the 100th anniversary of his family’s business, he decided to follow the funfair one more time. The documentary shows the behind-the-scenes of this activity by depicting the funfair and its characters.  A world without distinction between private life and work.  


WOMEN ARE THE ANSWER (Australia, 90:50) Fiona Cochrane


Population growth has been left out of the climate debate because it is seen as controversial, yet it is one of the most important factors. The global population has passed the 7 billion mark and India is overtaking China as the most populous nation in the world, but one state in southern India has found the solution. The unique history of Kerala and the ‘Kerala Model’ is outlined, using it as an example of achieving population control in developing countries without coercion.


ALL LOVE SCHMIDT (Germany, 82:00) Lars Pape, Holger Schürmann


All Love Schmidt is about a remarkable person, Bruno Schmidt, 51 years old and a passionate bicyclist, who has amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).  Bruno got the diagnosis in December 2014 and has one remaining big dream: a bicycle tour through Germany to encourage others with the disease and to drive the awareness about ALS.





BLUE BOYS (Brazil, 12:01) Daniel Castilhos


Based on real events, this story is about Andre, a teenager who is searching for his place in the world while fighting a battle with his religious family and his schoolmates.  He finds shelter in Diego but this love may not be what his mother wants for his life.


HOLLYWOOD (USA, 33:58) Clemy Clarke


A Web series about the cruel world of casting calls. In each episode the actors attend casting calls and become their roles: The Terrorist, The Lover, The Student, The Bull, The Make-up Artist, The Suit.


ACTORS ANONYMOUS (USA, 23:56) Marilyn Swick


Aspiring actors compete to be signed with the most prestigious and sought after Monroe Talent Agency. Following their auditions, they learn they must undergo a 24 hour therapy session as a final requirement.  Diverse personality disorders begin to collide as the night goes on, resulting in “mad therapy”. By morning all is not as it seems with this ensemble.

COURTSIDE (Canada, 19:07) Adrian Wallace


An urban neighborhood is put under a microscope, following the lives of two brothers, Jay, a basketball prospect, and Marcus, a street delinquent.


JUST CUDDLE (Canada, 15:26 ) Elias Campbell


Just Cuddle is a Web series about a professional cuddler and her eccentric clients.






OUT OF THE BLUE (USA, 10:00) Sophie Ansel


Out of the Blue is an intimate journey exploring the rich legacy inherited by 8 year old Yerick, a child amongst a community of fishermen in Cabo Pulmo, who became inadvertent conservationists when faces with the depletion of their marine sources.  In an area once described by Jacques Cousteau as the Aquarium of the World, the fishermen families of Cabo Pulmo chose to sacrifice the source of their food and income in a revolutionary decision:  a fishing ban in their own waters to encourage marine life to return and find shelter.


SONGS OF THE VINE (USA, 15:27) Maira Clancy


Shot over a span of two months in the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest, Songs of the Vine immerses the viewer into the depths of the Amazon jungle and exposes them to the medicine songs and perspectives of the Shipibo healers, illustrating an ancient but increasing relevant dynamic between humans and nature.


SEPSIS (Sweden, 12:00) Michael Wall


The incredible story of Christina who lost so many parts of her body to sepsis but who gained incredible spiritual and mental strength. Her story is intensely documented in this VR documentary.


MARTHA (Mexico, 2:00) Diego Traverso


Martha is a girl from Bangladesh. She was sold as a sex slave when she was only 9 years old.  Through Virtual Reality we follow her story in one of the largest brothels of Southeast Asia.


SAVING TOMAS (France, 7:40) Samuel Lepoil


On the day of his departure from the island, Tomas disappeared. The Island had other plans for him. You are now in Tomas’ mind. This is the tale of his initiation. Travel in Tomas’ mind in this short fiction in VR where you can see what he sees in film and what he feels in animation!


MICRO GIANTS (China, 6:08) Yifu Zhou


A tale of insects and plants in micro ecosystem with vivid detail and elaborate design.  360 animation brings the secret world in forests and under grass back to life.  Their world is magnified hundreds of thousand of times and presented to the audience through VR.  Insects, leaves and drops, in meticulous detail, paint a spectacular picture.


SOMEONE ELSE (U.S.Α, 13:51) Peter Cannon


A VR experience that places the viewer as the protagonists of a science fiction thriller.  you find yourself – a test subject bound to a wheelchair and unable to move – held captive in an island private research laboratory.

GARDEN (U.S.A, 2:08) Daniel Holechek


A young woman browsing through an art gallery makes a connection and unlocks a stunning world inside her imagination. Garden blends fully stereoscopic live action and CG environments to create an imaginative and immersive VR short film experience.


VIRTUALLY INSIDE HMS BELFAST (Belarus, 7:32) Konstantin Netyliov


Join Wargaming’s own Richard “The Challenger” Cutland and Nicholas “Chieftain” Moran in a mixed reality VR re-telling of the Battle of the North Cape, 1943, to that point the northernmost naval engagement in history.

LifeArt Festival, Film Selection 2017
LifeArt Festival, Film Selection 2017
LifeArt Festival, Film Selection 2017
LifeArt Festival, Film Selection 2017
LifeArt Festival, Film Selection 2017
LifeArt Festival, Film Selection 2017
LifeArt Festival, Film Selection 2017
LifeArt Festival, Film Selection 2017
LifeArt Festival, Film Selection 2017
LifeArt Festival, Film Selection 2017
LifeArt Festival, Film Selection 2017
LifeArt Festival, Film Selection 2017
LifeArt Festival, Film Selection 2017
LifeArt Festival, Film Selection 2017
LifeArt Festival, Film Selection 2017
LifeArt Festival, Film Selection 2017
LifeArt Festival, Film Selection 2017
LifeArt Festival, Film Selection 2017
LifeArt Festival, Film Selection 2017
LifeArt Festival, Film Selection 2017
LifeArt Festival, Film Selection 2017
LifeArt Festival, Film Selection 2017
LifeArt Festival, Film Selection 2017
LifeArt Festival, Film Selection 2017
LifeArt Festival, Film Selection 2017
LifeArt Festival, Film Selection 2017
LifeArt Festival, Film Selection 2017
LifeArt Festival, Film Selection 2017
LifeArt Festival, Film Selection 2017
LifeArt Festival, Film Selection 2017
LifeArt Festival, Film Selection 2017
LifeArt Festival, Film Selection 2017
LifeArt Festival, Film Selection 2017
LifeArt Festival, Film Selection 2017
LifeArt Festival, Film Selection 2017
LifeArt Festival, Film Selection 2017
LifeArt Festival, Film Selection 2017
LifeArt Festival, Film Selection 2017
LifeArt Festival, Film Selection 2017
LifeArt Festival, Film Selection 2017
LifeArt Festival, Film Selection 2017
LifeArt Festival, Film Selection 2017
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