LifeArt Global Media Festival is a multimedia festival that celebrates Life, Art & Films with unique events. Hosted in world class venues, the Festival offers a compelling combination of the international art scene and a journey of film discovery.

LifeArt Festival Awards

LifeArt Festival, The Vanishing, Gerard
LifeArt Emily in paris
LifeArt - In-the-Valley
LART4005 LifArt, Any Creative Form - Ser
LART4300 LifeArt, The Answers to Cancer.


LIFEART partner with YUVAAN
India’s biggest youth festival, taking place at the Delhi technological university
LifeArt, Netflix Bard of Blood, Gilad Benamaram
LifeArt Festival, Village Cinemas
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LifeArt Festival, Netflix Premiere, Awards, film festival